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Supporting Quality Education

CTF on a Mission to Bring Quality Education to the Areas in China Which Needed it Most

Young Teacher Awards

To Award Teachers Who Have Passion for Passing on
Their Knowledge to Younger Generations

The Spirit of Giving Back

Cyrus Tang Caring Heart Scholarship for University Students
Aspires to Create a More Caring Society

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Iconic Landmark in the Heart of Suzhou

130-foot-high Lotus Shaped Library in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

Sustainability of Information Tech

National Laboratory to Advance Basic Science

Nurturing the Spirit of Giving Back

Inspiring Young Generations to Build Character & Give Back to Society

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The Importance of Mental Well-Being

The Foundation Creates a Safe Space for Students to Address Their Psychological Challenges

Chungying Residential College Xi’an Jaotong University

Creating a Collaborative Residential Environment Inspiring Service

Tang Garden

Building a Creative Space Using Recycled Materials

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Supporting Young Talents

The Program Designed to Cultivate the Spirit of Giving Back in

12-17 Year Old Prodigies

Cyrus Tang Research Laboratory

Creating a Centralized Hub to Facilitate Research &
Preservation of Archaeological Artifacts

Supporting Future Leaders

Facilitating Environment for Practical Training
of Future Leaders

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Developing Talented

New Teachers

Training of Future Educators of China

Preserving the Green Future

Researching, developing, & Preserving Vital Varieties of Crops

Feeding the World

Award Winning Wheat Variety Adopted Worldwide

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Orthopedic Surgery
of the Future

How Artificial Intelligence is Assisting Doctors

Cyrus Tang Medical Institute

Designed to be the Premier Medical Institution in Jiangsu Province

Translational Medical Center

Establishing Connection Between Clinical Practice and Fundamental Science

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Chungying Residential College USTC

To Create a Collaborative Residential Environment Inspiring Service for Younger Students

Researching Earthquakes

Designing Earthquake Resistant Structures and Buildings

The Real-Life Indiana Jones

Preserving Chinese Culture & Artifacts

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Preserving China’s Cultural Heritage

Research, Scanning and Repair of Ancient & Rare Chinese Texts

Research of PM 2.5

Helping Design Policy Protecting

Air Quality

Protecting the World’s Tigers & Leopards

Siberian Tiger & Leopard National Park is a Nature Reserve
Which Aims to Maintain Biodiversity

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Seeds of Life

Preserving the Future & Heritage

of Agriculture

Solving a Giant Art-Puzzle

How the Team of Dispersed Chinese Art Digitalization Project Members are Healing History

Fostering Agricultural Paradise

Data & Science Accelerating Agricultural Production

Would You Like to Know More
About the Project?

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