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The Foundation’s story is inextricably

linked to our founder, Cyrus Tang,

a successful businessman and philanthropist, who believed that perseverance and hard work had the power to transform adversity

into opportunity.

about us

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Cyrus Tang

CTF Founder


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Underpinning his

remarkable life

journey were two simple questions


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What can I do

to make things better?

How can I do it 

in a way that creates

the most impact?

These are the same two questions that drive the work of the
Cyrus Tang Foundation, an enduring legacy of Cyrus Tang’s vision

and desire to give back to society. Alongside his other two foundations, one focused on the US and another supporting research in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Cyrus Tang Foundation serves as a committed partner to the world’s passionate problem solvers who are driving positive change in the areas of education, healthcare, community development and other underserved areas in China.

a world where everyone
is empowered to make
a difference and feels inspired
to carry forward the spirit
of giving back.

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our vision:

learn more about the initiative


what we fund

The Foundation supports initiatives that drive impact across
three main focus areas: education, healthcare, community development and other underserved areas.

We work with an established network of trusted partners in higher education in China and the US that help us source and execute on projects that align with the foundation’s mission.

major milestones:

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CTF History in Details

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Would You Like to Know More
About the Foundation?

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