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fostering agricultural paradise

Data & Science Accelerating Agricultural Production

In Yan'an and Yulin Mountains, Shaanxi, apples and red dates have been grown for many years. Compared with the conventional fish scale pit planting method, the rainwater accumulation and deep infiltration technology has increased the soil effective water storage in the apple root zone (0-3m) from 505mm to 612mm, and the root zone soil. The organic matter content increased from 2.1g/kg to 3.7g/kg, the average yield per mu increased from 2000kg to 2340kg, the water use efficiency increased by more than 25%, the rainfall use efficiency increased by more than 40%, and the output-input ratio was higher than 2:1.

In the past five years, a total of 589,400 acres of apple, kiwi and jujube orchards have been developed in Northwest China, with a cumulative economic benefit of 906 million yuan, resulting in significant economic, ecological and social benefits.

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