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Cyrus Tang
caring heart scholarship
for university students

The Cyrus Tang Caring Heart Scholarship for College Students started in 1998 and supports college students with a passion for community service. Recipients serve as active members in their university’s Caring Heart Club, a student-led community service organization that spearheads activities benefiting local communities and encourages those around them to give back.


Each year, the foundation awards scholarships to approximately 2,800 college students. To date, we have awarded over 43,000 scholarships to more than 12,000 college students.

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The Dispersed Chinese Art Digitization Project (DCADP) supports the collaboration between two teams of art historians at the University of Chicago and Xi’an Jiaotong University to heal history through the preservation and virtual unification of dispersed Chinese artifacts.  The resulting digital database of scanned 3-D objects will afford not only art historians but also ordinary people the opportunity to learn and appreciate the rich history behind the reconstructed art pieces. 


Through the systematic approach of restoring fragments of Chinese cultural sites, the DCADP team seeks to increase and promote global understanding of China’s cultural heritage. The reconstruction of these sites will be accompanied by conferences, exhibitions, and publications that explore the significance of traditional Chinese artistic and cultural sites in contemporary global contexts. 

Dispersed Chinese art digitization project

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CTF family

Daniel L. Young, PT, DPT, PhD
Associate Professor
School of Integrated Health Sciences - Physical Therapy
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

We've asked Daniel a few questions

about his work and inspirations:

1. What makes a problem interesting and worthwhile for you to want

to tackle?

2. What impact has CTF support had on your work?

3. What inspires you to give back?

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