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Cyrus Tang

CTF Founder

“I believe success in life
is not based in assets gained or knowledge acquired. It is how we make use of what we have to contribute to society”.

what we fund

The Foundation supports initiatives that drive impact across
three main focus areas: education, healthcare and
community development.

We work with an established network of trusted partners in higher education in China and the US that help us source and execute on projects that align with the foundation’s mission.


History artifacts have sentimental value - they tell stories, and make people feel connected and reflective. Although the majority of art artifacts outlive people, not all of them make it through the course of time intact. What’s left is often a huge puzzle, with pieces of objects separated from one another and divorced from their original context.


The DCADP team has taken a novel approach to restoring these broken connections, offering a new perspective on Chinese art.

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The Process of Digital Recreation

solving a giant art puzzle

How the Team of Dispersed Chinese Art
Digitalization Project Members are Healing History



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Missing Ceiling in the Buddha Hall

The Ceiling Was Digitally Recreated

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"I feel we’re doing something rather unprecedented, being able to see and show cultural artifacts from a perspective that is simultaneously historical and contemporary. From its conception to its final product, our digital project creates a paradigm that demonstrates a new way to marriage art and technology in the field of art history. I’m convinced that digitalization is the future of art historical research, and I am excited we’re at the forefront

of the development".

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Dispersed Chinese Art



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Associate Professor 

Wei-Cheng Lin


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